Abdominal Biofeedback Unit

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״Sit ups tell you nothing about your core!"

The Essential tool To Help your Core Become Functional

Understanding your core strength is the first step to improving it.

Easy to use

Inflate the bladder and place under your lower back. Hold the gauge and go through each testing step. Easy!


If you can't hold the gauge between 40-50 while completing the testing exercises, that is your result.

Instructions included

Printable instructions detailing how to use the device are accessible at any time.

Better Core Control

Core strength improves your performance and prevents lower back injuries

Get Your Abdominal Biofeedback Unit And See The Results!

Your body will thank you.

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Product Features

Abdominal Biofeedback Unit

Easy to use bladder and gauge

Printable instructions included

Lightweight and compact

Printable core exercise routine for your improvement

$ 99

Meet Your Trainer

Image of Adrian Faccioni - Fatch Fitness

Hi, I’m Adrian Faccioni.

I am the founder of Fatch Fitness and have been a highly regarded elite sports coach and scientist for over 30 years.

In addition to my coaching role, I am passionate about helping people learn about and increase the strength and condition of their core. I have helped hundreds of people improve their overall strength and fitness by focusing solely on the core.

Why is the core so important?

Your abdominal muscles are the link between your upper body and your legs.

Without a strong and functional core your movements will be limited. Your ability to undertake daily activities such as picking up something or someone from the floor, gardening, and daily chores will be reduced.

Most core routines are not customised to your current level of core strength. This means you are most likely doing too little or too much, which are both detrimental to your long term fitness goals.

When the core lacks control, lower back injuries happen.

One of the main roles of the core is to protect your lower back when you undertake activities such as that mentioned above. This is why it is so important to strengthen your core for all movements.

Before you can effectively, and safely, improve your core strength it is imperative to have a clear understanding, or baseline of the condition of your core. This tells you exactly how strong and controlled it is.

A baseline gives you a starting point for creating an appropriate exercise routine.

It prevents injuries.

And, that is why you need the Abdominal Biofeedback Unit

A Tool For Success

The Abdominal Biofeedback Unit tells you exactly how strong and controlled your core is.

It will tell you if your exercise routine is appropriate or not.

You will see results when you use the unit that will guide your exercise routine.

You will have measurable data that shows your progress and improvement.

You will have a core that is strong and controlled.

The Abdominal Biofeedback Unit is the essential tool that will get you to where you want to be.

Adrian Faccioni

Founder, Fatch Fitness

Get Your Abdominal Biofeedback Unit and see the results.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use it?
I recommend going through the testing process regularly! Every 2-3 weeks will help you see improvements. 
By using it as a training tool weekly it will also help to inform you and modify your core routines for further progress.
How do I complete the testing?

When you purchase the unit you will also receive detailed instructions of how to use the unit and the testing levels. 

Is this suitable for people with a weak pelvic floor?


Using the Abdominal Biofeedback Unit and my Free Ab Routine will help you to appropriately strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Sign up for the routine at the top of this page.

Can this device help with my poor posture?

The main reason for poor posture is a poorly developed core that doesn’t allow you to hold your torso in the correct position.  Through the use of the Abdominal Biofeedback Unit and the posture specific resources I have created here, you will firstly develop the correct postural technique combined with a customised core training routine. This will allow you to develop and hold a great posture all day. 

Why does my lower back hurt after certain core exercises?

Any lower back pain when performing core exercises in particular is a strong sign that you have a weak core and are unable to stablise your pelvis/lower back when performing these exercises. If this sounds like you, you need to address two issues:

  1. Work out how strong your core currently is;
  2. Undertake a core routine that is specific for your current level of strength.

The Abdominal Biofeedback Unit will provide you with both these solutions.

I'm not an athlete, do I really need this?

You definitely do not need to be an athlete to use the Abdominal Biofeedback Unit.


Up to 84% of the entire population will end up having lower back issues at some point in their lives. The majority of these issues are related to a poorly developed core. The key to developing a strong and functional core (that will support your lower back) is to firstly know how strong your core is and then undertake the correct exercises for your current level of core strength. 

What if I have questions after I get it?

Please contact me – I am available to help you!

Send me an email or connect with me on Facebook. I am here to answer any questions you have.

I really want you to succeed in gaining a functional core. 

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    Get the functional core you want!

    get your free ab routine!

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    Get the functional core you want!

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