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I'm Adrian FacCioni

I’m on a quest to help ordinary people 40+ years improve their fitness for the long-haul.

From my experience as a Sports Scientist and Fitness Consultant from children to the aged, I’ve developed a range of resources and tools to help you with your health; today and into the future.

When you view the clip below, you’ll hear me explain why I am making this information available and why I can assist you in your fitness journey.

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We’re creating courses to help with your fitness and improve your health. 

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The Fatch Fitness, ‘Introduction to the Core’ course is the foundation to prepare your body for future exercise routines. It is a straight forward course that does three key things:

  1. Explains the right and wrong way of performing common core exercises (and why performing core exercises the wrong way can have negative consequences!),
  2. Helps you understand how to assess your current core strength level,
  3. Develop techniques and practices to maintain and improve your level of core strength,
  4. Provides you with a customised routine specifically for your level of core strength from beginner to advanced.

This Fatch Fitness online course is designed for people who want to make a difference in their lifestyle and keep managing their health effectively into the future.

I found your Introduction to Core (Online Method) so interesting.  I have repeated theory a few times and I am still engaged. I now need to start the practical, as that is the whole idea of the course.  I am learning more each time I run through the course.  I think the whole introduction course feels concise enough and directed to the practical aspect that it holds my interest. Online learning is quite new to me, something that I never thought would work.  I have surprised myself on how impressed I am with this method.

Jules Wing

>40 Client

Adrian's expertise as an educator is clearly evident throughout this course. His ability to explain concepts in simple and easy to understand terms made this course a pleasure to take. Being a professional Pilates instructor I still learnt quite a lot about core training and the reasons for why certain Pilates exercises are conducted like they are.

Suzan Fulop

Track and Field Coach

There is no doubting your expertise on this subject. The production is very good and the material is easy to follow. Personally I am not a fan of the short videos format. Having said that the content was excellent and many people wouldn’t have a clue about the core and how to strengthen it.  Explaining that the exercises everyone traditionally thought were the greatest core exercises did little to strengthen the core unless completed correctly with an already prepared core is very important. As an introduction course I feel there was enough covered and if someone were to complete your suggested program they would see improvement and want to go to the next course.

Lee Bobbin

Track and Field Coach

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Adrian writes articles and creates videos on fitness for both professionals and anyone wanting to be more informed about fitness and health. Check out some of those articles below.

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Retired Nurse

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ex Australian 1500m Champion


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