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Adrian Faccioni. (ABN 24 852 094 747) trading as Fatch Fitness sets out the following terms and conditions for using Goods and Services (Advice and Training) provided by itself.

  • Any dependence, confidence or trust by you the purchaser or user of materials obtained from Fatch Fitness or Third-Party providers shall be at your own risk.
  • We reserve the right in our own discretion and without any obligation to create, modify, remove, enhance, update, and improve any of our goods and services and or any related content at any time.
  • The good and services provided by Fatch Fitness are on an “As Is” basis. We do not provide any form of warranty of any type for any goods and services provided by Fatch Fitness. Nor are we responsible for any warranties implied by any third-party providers who we have a relationship with.
  • In no event shall Fatch Fitness. be liable for any kind of damages with respect to any goods and services provided.
  • Fatch Fitness. asks our users to respect all intellectual property associated with all of its operation. All information provided by Fatch Fitness is copyright. It is protected by international laws and agreements of Australia.
  • Fatch Fitness. operates under Australian company law (see https://asic.gov.au/) . Any legal actions brought against Fatch Fitness. will be done so through the Australian Judicial System.
  • Fatch Fitness asks our users to respect individual rights (race, creed, sex, religion) of others where they interact through any of the services provide by this company.
  • We choose the right to terminate any user accounts that infringe or violate any of our terms of use stated.

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I’m Adrian Faccioni, I’m passionate about fitness and health for people aging gracefully. I want people to be fully fit to enjoy the road ahead. Contact me today if you want to find out more about what I do and how I can help you on that journey.

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