Refund Policy

Pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) refunds will only be given if the below criteria has been met:

  • Fatch Fitness is unable to deliver a course for which a learner has paid fees; or
  • The learner is otherwise entitled to a refund pursuant to the ACL.

Notwithstanding a learner’s rights under the ACL, refunds cannot be given for any of the following alternative reasons not prescribed as grounds for a refund under the ACL:

  • Failure to review and consider all information presented on the Fatch Fitness website prior to enrolment
  • Change of mind
  • Incorrect choice
  • Change of circumstances
  • Financial hardship
  • If you make a payment but want or have seen a different price elsewhere

Where it is proven that a learner has paid to Fatch Fitness an amount greater than the course fee(s) as advertised at the time of enrolment, Fatch Fitness will refund to the learner the amount which is the difference between the advertised course fee and the amount paid by the learner.

Any loss or disadvantage to the learner not caused by Fatch Fitness directly, will not be grounds for granting a refund.

In the case of any physical device supplied as part of the course that is non-functional or damaged, Fatch Fitness will replace the device free of charge.

For further understanding about consumer rights go to:

Repair, Replacement or Refund at Australia Consumer Law here.



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