Introduction to the Core Course:
Track & Field Edition (Special)

A course to help you develop a highly
functional and powerful core for your
track and field athletes


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Valuable and Engaging

Develop The Skills To Maximise your Athletes' Physical Conditioning

This course is designed for coaches and athletes who want to make a difference in their track and field performance. 

Easy to Understand

Short lessons accompanied with instructional videos to help digest the information easily.


30+ years of knowledge and expertise will ensure you learn accurate theory to help design successful core routines for your athletes.

Better Core Control

Core strength is vital for elite Track & Field performance and prevention of Strength & Conditioning Injuries.

Measure Progress

Learn how to accurately measure your athlete's core strength. For $99 you can also purchase the Abdominal Biofeedback Device.

Hear from well-regarded
Track & Field, Strength and Conditioning Coach,
Adrian Faccioni

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Course Outline

Lesson 1 - Core Basics

Learn the fundamental anatomy of the core:

  • What do we mean when we talk about 'the core'?
  • What muscles are involved?
  • How do the muscles work to support and stabilise our torso?

And more...

Lesson 2 - Core Specifics

  • Understand how the core should be trained correctly to provide your athletes' with the most functional core strength, stability and lower back support.
  • Learn why so many athletes experience lower back pain and strength inhibition when they perform inappropriate core routines.
  • Learn how the hip flexors, which are vitally important in most Track & Field events can influence the development of good core stability.

And more...

Lesson 3 - Testing and Training the Core

  • Learn how to test and train the core of your athletes' with your own personal Abdominal Biofeedback Unit.
  • Adrian takes you through the testing step-by-step.
  • Learn how the core should be best trained for maximum strength and stability results.

And more...

Lesson 4 - Exercises for your Core

  • Learn a whole range of core exercises that are designed to maximise your athletes' core strength whilst limiting any stress on their lower backs.
  • Discover key exercise progressions for the key core movements required for the development of a highly functional core.
  • These exercises form the basis of the core routine you can apply to your athletes' once you have tested their core strength using your Abdominal Biofeedback Device.

And more...

Why You Need This Course

Image of Adrian Faccioni - Fatch Fitness

Hi, I’m Adrian Faccioni.

I am the founder of Fatch Fitness and have been a highly regarded elite Strength & Conditioning & Track and Field coach and sports scientist for over 30 years.

To maximise my capacity as a Track & Field coach, I needed to learn as much about strength and conditioning as possible. In that quest for knowledge I discovered that many coaches and athletes are not using the appropriate core programming (core exercises too advanced, or just inappropriate for the event their athletes are undertaking).

I wanted to develop an online course that could assist coaches in better understanding the role of the core and how to best condition it for the demands of Track and Field.

Why is the core so important?

Your abdominal (core) muscles are responsible for helping you do ALL movements.

Most athlete’s core routines don’t strengthen their core how they think their core is being conditioned. This often results in both poor core strength and stability, which negatively effects their capacity to perform in their chosen Track & Field discipline.

When the core lacks both strength & control; movement inefficiencies, lack of power transfer and potential for lower back injuries can occur.

That is why it is so important to not only strengthen your core but to also improve core stability and core coordination at the same time.

Before you can effectively, and safely improve your core strength it is imperative to have a good understanding what the core is and its function.

Foundational knowledge and understanding of the core will help your success in strengthening your athletes’ core appropriately..

It will give you crucial understanding for creating and performing an appropriate customised exercise routine for each of your athletes.

Most generic core routines are not suitable for anyone! That is why they are generic. And, they can hinder your athletes’ progress.

We have such little time to fit all the components of training in within any week, so we should ensure we do the right exercises that get our athletes to their goals the fastest. This starts with the appropriate understanding of how to train the core and, most importantly, how to accurately measure what your athletes’ current levels of core strength are.

And, that is why you need to complete this course.

This course will provide you with both the theory and practice to allow you to take your athlete’s conditioning routines to another level.

The Introduction to the Core Course: Track and Field Edition will give you the knowledge and tools to allow you to determine exactly how strong and controlled your athletes’ core is, and more importantly how to get their core into shape.

As part of the course, you will learn how to use an Abdominal Biofeedback Unit. This device will give you insight into your athletes’ current core strength levels and will tell you if your current exercise routines are appropriate or not. You can purchase the device separately here. We’ve also popped in the checkout for you! 

You will see results when you use the unit along with the learning from the course.

Abdominal Biofeedback Unit

You will have all the tools to guide your exercise routine.

This course and the Abdominal Feedback Unit will help you to have a core that is strong and controlled.

You will get you to where you want to be.

Enrol in my Introduction to the Core Course: Track & Field Edition today and learn how to design the best core routine for your athletes’!

Adrian Faccioni

Founder, Fatch Fitness

Start the Introduction to the Core Course: Track & Field Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I assessed throughout the course?
There are small quizzes after each lesson to assess your understanding and comprehension of the content. 
What are the physical requirements and fitness levels required to complete this course?

There are no physical or fitness requirements to complete the Introduction to the Core Course. A willingness to learn and get start is all you need!

I am a Track & Field athlete, is this course only for coaches?

Not at all! This course will be very useful to any athlete that completes it. Any Track and Field athlete that completes this course will be able to implement the knowledge and techniques into their training. This knowledge is essential for athlete’s who want to understand the role of their core in their performance. 

Do I need to print out any materials?

The course is primarily run and accessed online. There are some valuable resources that you will have access to download and print if you wish. 

How do I get an Abdominal Biofeedback Device?

You can head to the product page here to find out more about the device and add one to your shopping cart. Alternatively, we’ve already added on to your cart. Just add this course to your shopping cart and you’ll see it at the Checkout page. 

Once you have purchased the course and the Abdominal Biofeedback Device, the device will be posted to the address you provide at the checkout. 

You don’t have to wait for it to arrive before starting the course though – You won’t start learning about or using the device until Lesson 3. 

How will I be supported through this course?

You will be able to contact Adrian at any stage throughout the course – you can email or send a message via the FatchFitness website. 

Why do my athletes' report their lower back hurts after certain core exercises?

Any lower back pain when performing core exercises in particular is a strong sign of a weak core or inability to stablise the pelvis/lower back when performing these exercises. If this sounds like your athlete, you need to address two issues:

  1. Work out how strong their core currently is;
  2. Undertake a core routine that is specific for their current level of strength.

The “Introduction to the Core: Track and Field Edition” course & accompanying Abdominal Biofeedback Unit will provide you with both these solutions.

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